Carried Interest & Deal Fees

How do you charge carry and fees via Odin Syndicates? How are they paid out?
It is possible (and common) for the Syndicate Lead to ask that other investors in the deal pay them a fee for their role in organising the transaction. Typically, this is a success fee, payable only on exit, in the form of carried interest (a share of profits).
However, a syndicate lead may also elect to charge Deal Fees to investors in the deal. This can also by managed via the platform.

Carried Interest

  • Currently Odin allows you to charge a simple % carry with no hurdle rate or other additional terms.
  • This is payable in an exit event on any profits. Liquidity events are managed via the platform.

Deal Fees

You can charge two types of deal fee:
  1. 1.
    A percentage on the deal, charged to all investors pro-rata.
  2. 2.
    A fixed fee per investor.
We do not currently offer the ability to charge recurring annual management fees for the holding period for an asset.
The fee is always a one-off charge added on top of any commitment the investor makes via the platform. When the round closes, Odin's Platform Fee is deducted from your Deal Fee and the balance is transferred to you.